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Having enough wood in your shop to complete a project – and maybe a little extra just in case there’s a special project you want to tackle – is an essential in any well-stocked woodworking shop.

Of course, GETTING that wood to your shop can pose a challenge. I’m discovering that with gas prices very high these days, my smaller, more economical car makes sense for the daily commute, but it totally stinks at carrying wood home from the hardwood dealer.

Today, let us know how you get wood to your shop.



7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. If it is sheet goods, I borrow a buddy’s truck with a canopy. If it’s lumber, I can fit quite a few boards up to 8′ 3″ into my Honda Element.

  2. I have a full size Ford van with just two seats in it. So I not only haul wood home in it, I use it for wood storage also! At least until I need it for the project. It is good for full sheets of plywood and I can carry boards up to ten foot long as well.


  3. I abuse my little van awfully.
    I think I’ve probably cracked every plastic surface in the back by the hatch door.
    If there is Nirvana, I sure hope I don’t come back as a van.
    Pay back will be terrible.. lol

  4. My local mill cuts down my sheet goods to my specs (at no charge) enough to get it into my CRV and they let me use their chop saw to get boards to under 8′.

  5. Small truck (S10) will carry 1000 lbs and with a 6 foot bed only 2 feet will hang out. That’s a stack of 4×8 sheet goods only 10 inches tall. I wouldn’t buy this much at one time because of the effort to carry it to the shop!

  6. Did my wife send you that picture? I thought I’d removed all copies of that….what an embarrassment….I know better now….you have to balance front to back as well as side to side.


  7. I use a trailer. Small 5′ x 7′ light weight. Can carry 1500 pounds. Furniture grade lumber is another story.

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