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Building a Lever Harp

Why wait until the afterlife to have your own harp?  Why not build your own in the here and now?

This guide, written by Sligo Harp’s Rick Kemper, takes woodworkers through all of the steps to build one of these gorgeous instruments. Start off with a discussion about design, wood selection and the function of each of the parts of a harp. From there, plans for the sound box to the neck and pillar, each of the  steps are laid out in careful, illustrated detail.

While this is an ambitious undertaking, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting in awe looking at the intricacy of the plans. Some incredible woodworking here.

Oh, and one word of advice, if you are going to travel with your newly built instrument, be sure to exercise extreme caution should you visit the Golden Gate Bridge. After all, you don’t want to leave your harp in San Francisco.

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  1. Seems to be a bit more than I want to get involved in right now but, interesting never-the-less.
    Buy the way, do you have any butter and salt for the corn you served up? 🙂


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