Quick Poll

With these holidays falling on Sunday, this is the second week for posting my quick poll early….

I resolve to get back on to my regular schedule come the new year!

Speaking of resolutions… This week, let us know if any of your New Year’s resolutions include woodworking.  Maybe learning a new skill. Maybe tackling that tough project you’ve been putting off. Heck, maybe even taking up the craft for the first time!

And, if you want to share what you are resolving to do, let us know!

2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. 1) Slow down towards the end of projects. It seems like I have been speeding up to get them done, for no good reason.
    2) Work on some smaller, more intricate projects.
    3) Fix those shop issues that I continue to put off, like wiring in the way, tool organization, machine positioning and so on.

    And as always, recommit to safety.

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