Learning to cope

OK, so take a look at this, and tell me what you see?

An apple core, or two faces staring at each other?

How about now?

Is it the face of a young lady, or a musician?

Now, look at this and see if you can figure out what happened….

That’s right.. Tom made another boneheaded move. You see, he was so busy looking at the shape of the cutter, he failed to realize that it actually cuts the negative… So, of course, he put the cope cut on the end of the rails…

Fortunately, I broke into peals of laughter, and the boy stopped before he did any more damage. Nothing hurt… except his pride. And some wood. And, he lost about an hour of shop time doing things wrong.

After he shame-facedly admitted his error, Tom fixed the issue and things are back on track. In fact, they are looking good.

Which goes to prove a point – even though Tom has made a bunch of errors this year, he’s prone to make them again and again.  That’s OK, I think we’ll keep him…

One thought on “Learning to cope”

  1. That kind of thing has happened to me more then I will share…lol
    Just this past week; not paying attention like I should have; I made enough firewood for my kids to have their friends over a couple of times…lol again.
    (they were happy; me…not so much)

    And I don’t have the benefit of having Iggy looking over my shoulder, keeping me in line.

    As long as you are safe when you make a mistake, no harm, no foul.

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