An early present?

Today’s post was a little late, eh? I’m actually about ready  to go to bed.

The reason why I am so late is that I had my ‘maiden voyage’ (as the nurse put it) into one of the routine rites of getting older… Let’s just say it involved a liquid diet, some medication and a touch of  anesthesia.

I was kinda woozy for most of the day, but I was good enough to take a visit from a neighbor on the other side of the block. He’s a fellow woodworker – actually, more of a tinkerer. He and his wife have moved quite a few times in the past few years, and he was getting tired of hauling everything from house to house. He asked me if I was interested in getting one of his old tools.

Free tool?  Of course!

It’s a Delta Shopmaster AP100 dust filter. According to the specs, it can pull 450 cfm of air through the filter, capturing the fine stuff that gets airborne. This isn’t the kind of tool that I would buy for myself, but, judging from the dust on my tools and shelves, I’d say I could probably use it.

It’s in pretty decent condition, with a few dings and bangs. But, I plugged it in and it drew a lot of air.  Fairly quiet unit as well.

The added bonus is that is has a light on the bottom.  Actually, a pair of florescent lights run on a pull chain. Maybe not bright enough for me to move to the bench, but, hey, I have a good place for it near my air conditioner.

Not what I had planned on writing today, but, hey, it’s always good to welcome some new tools!

Now, for a something completely different – if you are member of the Wood Whisperer’s Guild, check out the profile Marc Spagnuolo did on my workbench. It’s kinda interesting.. and I discovered that when I take pictures in my shop, I need to clean up!

Not a guild member? What the heck are you waiting for?  Marc runs one hell of a show there on the Guild, and your membership lets you in on some exciting members-only content. With the holidays RIGHT UPON US – maybe it could be that last minute gift that pays dividends all year!


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