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The plans have been drawn up. The tools have been sharpened. The shop has been prepped.

The only thing you need to do is buy wood to build that special project.

Now, where will you get the wood from?

In years past, there was little choice – all lumber was bought locally at a hardwood supplier, construction yard or at a local sawmill.

Today, the Internet offers a tremendous variety of sources to choose from. Whether you look at an online auction such as eBay or find an online provider, your purchasing options are seemingly limitless.

So, this week, let us know if you have ever taken the plunge and bought your lumber online.

7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I buy online when I can’t source something locally. For example, last year I needed a 4′ long piece of while holly, and couldn’t get that anywhere locally. I’ll also buy specialty items online (like sinker mahogany). But for most of my work, I usually sort through the entire stack to find the exact stock for my needs. I’m usually looking for a specific grain pattern or length and width that I just couldn’t specify with an online purchase.

  2. I haven’t bought lumber, but I have bought veneer.


  3. The cost of shipping is prohibitive, wouldn’t even consider doing that. I once looked at getting some Walnut that way when I couldn’t find anything decent locally. The shipping was almost the same amount as the wood!

  4. I’m fortunate that I have just about all the lumber I’ll need for the foreseeable future.
    I might try it though for a piece or two of a species that I don’t have.

  5. I am very lucky, I live a few miles away from an online distributor (Bell Forrest Products). If they don’t have it, I don’t really need it.

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