The only labor I’m doing today…

Is labored breathing.

What a total bummer on a holiday weekend here in the States. I mean, three days off from work, and the head cold I had last week came back with a vengeance as an upper respiratory infection.  Complete with antibiotics… Grrrr….

Before I was totally laid up, I did manage to get a little shop time in on Saturday morning. That bookshelf project that’s taking me forever to get done with it finally moving into the final phases. I took the opportunity to finish rabbeting the shelves and fit them into the notches I cut in the sides.  Here’s a look at the piece clamped up …

Now, I just have to cut some back pieces to be mounted across the back of the shelves that will prevent items from being pushed back too far and to provide some resistance to racking.  I hoped to have both units assembled this weekend, but hey, that’s the way life is.

I also discover that sharp tools start to lose their edge  while you are in mid project.  Rather than hook everything up to do a total resharpening, I ran those dulling blades over the strop wheel of the Tormek.  They were back slicing cleanly after just a minute or so of work.

The cherry that the guys over at Bell Forest Products sent is  something else! I’m really digging the way it works, and this project is going to look some kind of sweet when it’s done!

Now, if I can shake this bug, maybe I can squeeze in a little shop time this week!



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