Are you ready for some football?

Millionaires arguing with billionaires?  Yup.

Spoiled athletes making big bucks playing a game kids play?  You betcha.

But, I couldn’t be any happier that the NFL lockout is over and football will happen this year.

What does this have to do with woodworking?  Plenty.

You see, in my shop, I have a longstanding tradition.  For me, the best and most productive days in the shop happen in the fall, when the infamous Florida summer heat and humidity breaks. There’s a project on the bench, the garage door is open wide and the kids are playing touch football in the street. And, on my radio, Gene Deckerhoff and Dave Moore are calling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game.

I’ll often stop after an amazing play, poke my head outside and tell the kids they need to come in and check out the replay on TV. After they check it out, they’ll run right back outside to try to recreate that play. And, I’ll smile.

Of course, as the game starts to wind down, the announcers get a little more excitable as the game hangs in the balance.  I’ll drift in to watch with the family as the end game plays out. We’ll slap high fives all around when our teams win, and we’ll shake our heads in disgust when they can’t get the deed done.

I’ll head out to the shop and listen to the post game analysis. I’ll listen to the late game. And, after a hard day in the shop, I’ll come in, clean up, eat dinner and snuggle with the kids as we get ready for the night game.

Oh, yes, I’m ready for some football!

One thought on “Are you ready for some football?”

  1. 100% with you there Tom.
    The NFL is always on in the background in my shop.
    My favorite sport.
    (except, for me, it’s the Mighty, Mighty Chicago Bears!) WOOF WOOF!
    And, I wouldn’t miss the Sunday night game and Monday Night Football for anything.
    Old Dad has automatic “dibs” on the TV for those games.

    And yeah, those cry baby Million/Billionaires know they have us by the heart strings !

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