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You just KNOW it had to happen. There I was, gluing up the frames for my current project, and I discovered a set of Shop Fox right angle clamps that were perfect for clamping the angled front support to the top and bottom rails. I hooked one of them to the wood, cranked down the handle and felt the clamp give way. Sure enough, I looked down and saw the clamp broken in two, lying on my bench.

I had a feeling these babies were light duty models, but this was the FIRST time I had ever broken a tool in my shop.

Which got me to thinking… have you ever broken a tool in your shop? Did it break because you were using too much muscle? It was a poorly made tool? Did you drop it to the concrete floor of your shop? It’s OK. We won’t tell…


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Are you a business that does affordable repairs and or totally re-engineered, re manufactured, New and improved tool? By affordable I mean to say Very low income affordable, like for someone who only receives $100.00 a week in VA benefits? If so then I would really like more information about you! ☺

  2. As far as I can recall the only thing I’ve broken so far is a clamp or two – both crappy Harbor Freight models.

  3. Fortunately for me, tool abuse is not a crime that you must serve time in the clink for. 🙂


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