Gimme Five with the Shop Monkey: Tools with tails

Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey is swinging from the rafters this week – appreciating the dexterity of his tail.  While hanging from the lumber rack, he got an idea for this week’s entry and it involves a tool with a tail!

The top five reasons why you should still own a corded drill even though cordless models are so good:

  1. You never have to wait for batteries to recharge. Unless you plan on woodworking in some out-of-the-way location or during a blackout, there’s always plenty of power available to you.
  2. Corded drills typically spin at much higher rates that cordless models.  Higher speed is a good thing for drilling pocket screws, doweling, mortising and other shop tasks.
  3. You can use the cord as part of an elaborate booby trap should someone try to break into your shop after hours.
  4. High quality corded drills sell for much less than high quality cordless models. That leaves you more money to spend on a kick-butt set of forstner bits.
  5. Corded models can be lighter than cordless NiCad powered drills.  After drilling all day, your shoulders and arms will thank you.

3 thoughts on “Gimme Five with the Shop Monkey: Tools with tails”

  1. I have a couple nice corded drills for a few of the reasons you mentioned. My cordless is fine if I’m just doing a couple things, but if I plan to do a bunch of hand drilling, I break out the corded tool.

  2. I have one behemoth corded model that I don’t use too often, but when the job requires TORQUE, it delivers.
    (I’m talking “change the earth’s rotation” kind of torque)! lol

    And one ancient one that was my father’s which I intend to hand down to my sons.

    The other four are cordless and get used mercilessly.

  3. I have two cordless drills and one corded, and honestly the corded is the one I grab 90% of the time. I don’t have to worry about the battery charge (plus I don’t like leaving batteries plugged in 24/7) plus it almost always seems like the corded is able to do the job faster than the cordless ones. About the only time I grab the cordless is when I’m not going to be near a power outlet, and even then I’ve had cases where I thought the work was worth running an extension cord.

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