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Popular Mechanic’s Building a Timber-Frame home

Woodworking on a small scale is pretty cool. But, how about on a massive scale – doing something like building a timber-frame house?

The folks at Popular Mechanics put together this lavishly-illustrated article a few years ago, and it shows readers the step-by-step process of designing, selecting material for and building a timber-frame home. If you can’t get excited about the massive timbers, joinery on an enormous scale and the extensive use of wood, well, maybe we need to have a big woodworking meet-up at a timber frame construction site!


2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Historic Preservation gives me a one on one with these massive timbers and oversized joinery. I’m certain it’s the main reason I choose this career path after 20 years in the military.

  2. Our Church has timber frame roof joinery and overhead joists and I’m always marveling at it.
    It is beyond beautiful.
    (The other members of the congregation must think “my how he looks upward for guidance and introspection”, when sometimes I’m just admiring the woodwork) lol
    I DO pay attention though.
    Thanks Tom.

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