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Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!

Now, first of all – a salute to us guys out there:

Now, for the matter at hand – spending time with your kids (Or someone else’s kid – maybe nieces, nephews, grandkids… the works) in the shop can be a great way to pique a kid’s interest in woodworking, and a great way to create some memories that will last a lifetime.

This week, tell us how frequently you let the kids work with you in your shop?  Is it an everyday kind of thing, or is it a rare treat?


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. My be biggest concern is safety.when my kids demonstrate they can file directions I let them work with me. I’m in the process of acquiring more hand tools to make it more feasible for them to work in the shop.

  2. I am a hybrid ww’er and can have my daughter around when i use the hand tools but the occasions i use a power tool I have her stand back till I am finished with an operation. My shop is in my garage and a stall with a door into the back yard. she plays and comes in to visit and back out again. when she gets a little older I will come up with some projects even teach her how to use the lathe a little

  3. My kids are older, and my youngest daughter likes the scroll saw.
    It’s great when she comes out to do a project while I’m in the shop.
    Happy Father’s day to you too Tom.

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