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Compwood Products

So, you want to build a project with bent pieces.  Does that mean that you have to slice a board down to make bent laminations? Maybe. How about building a steam box to soften wood for bending around a form? You could do that.

But, what about taking wood straight from a package and bending it immediately with no special tools or tedious preparation? If that sounds like a better idea, you might want to give Compwood a try.

Treated with an interesting compression process at the factory, hardwood boards such as walnut, cherry, ash and maple come shipped to you in plastic to maintain a higher moisture level. From there, you can bend the wood by hand and clamp it in place and let the piece dry. That’s it.

While the wood is more expensive (about three times the board foot cost of regular wood), the convenience can save a lot of time in the shop.


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  1. Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I haven’t been able to see where you can actually purchase this. Any insights would be great!

  2. Tom, I am as new with p.c.’s as I am with woodworking. After retiring as an E-8, Navy and 7 years at US Justice, I am looking for a beginners website. I look at different sites and just drool with envy. I know I have a long way to go, but I served in-country se. asia, and lasted 30 yrs. I can servive this also. Used to live 100 miles norte of ya in Levy Cty. Take care, Mike

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