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When it comes to some tools… the majority of us have just one.  One table saw. One thickness planer.

And, then there are routers.

There are lots of reasons why woodworkers like to own them in multiples. You can get multiple setups for different operations. You can mount one in a table and use the other hand held. Different sizes to tackle different tasks.

Today, let us know how many routers you have in your collection. Count ’em all… small trim routers, big table mounted beasts… the works.

It’s OK, you are among friends… and you don’t have to give your name.  So we can’t rat you out.


7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I only have 3, but have several interchangeable bases. Does that count? Tom………..

  2. Don’t know how it happened… they just accumulated…

    Six for now:
    2 trim
    1 plunge
    1 in table
    1 for dovetailing
    1 … extra I guess. Came in a packaged deal, still new in box.

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