Flowers again? No way!

Albert Einstein was pretty darned smart. No. Seriously. His work in physics has helped unlock many of the mysteries of the universe – that mass could be converted to energy and energy could be converted back to mass. The whole space-time dealio. And, my favorite, the theory of relativity.

Relativity is something my feeble mind can wrap itself around because Einstein gave a really good example to describe how it works:

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity!

Einstein was spot on. When I’m sitting in a meeting at work, the time seems to drag on forever. But, when a holiday is approaching, and you realize you haven’t done anything to get ready for it, the days quickly slip by, leaving you in full-blown panic mode.

You don’t have to be an Einstein to know that Mother’s Day is on the way. It’s just one of those holidays that creeps up on you, leaving you scrambling at the last minute to find the appropriate gift. “It’s happened to all of us,” said Tim Walter of Eagle America. “Your mom, mother in law, wife, daughter… whoever is a mom in your life is expecting you to remember the big day is coming. While they may not be expecting you to break the bank and buy them something lavish, the fact that you noticed and thought to remember the occasion is expected – and greatly appreciated.”

That’s why Eagle America is helping make it easy for woodworkers to come up with ideas to show a little extra appreciation for that special someone in their lives. “Sure, you can go the whole flower route, but that could be a little impersonal. Besides, cut flowers last only a few days in the vase. A wooden gift – that will be treasured for a lifetime!”

Let’s start with the basics. Picture frames are great gifts for moms to showcase pictures of their moms, their kids and the entire family. “Whether you want to build something elaborate or simple, the handcrafted touch really helps those special photos stand out.”

Small ‘treasure’ boxes are also a great place for the mom in your life to stash some of her more special and memorable items. “With digital photography, we don’t always get prints of those memorable shots. But, for those pictures sitting in plain storage boxes, a beautifully crafted box makes an awesome place for her to stash some of her favorites.” Tim continued, “Heck, go crazy and build your box, but make the top a picture frame! This way, it will serve a dual purpose.

For turners, it’s difficult to go wrong when turning an elegant pen. There are dozens of styles of pen works out there, and with some imagination and a few wood scraps, you could make a unique creation she will love. “Go all out. Turn a pen out of the best looking pieces of wood you have, then invest in a little personalized stationery for her. You will be a hero!”

If you really want to go out there with a different twist on things, why not plan a family project? “We have plans for easy woodworking projects that are perfect starting places for kids to build. Plus, we also offer a number of simple woodworking kits the whole family can enjoy. That quality time will be remembered forever.”

Just be smart about the time you have to work. “Even Einstein would tell you – get started now so you won’t be rushed trying to beat the deadline!”


2 thoughts on “Flowers again? No way!”

  1. Tom,
    That picture frame box is a great gift idea. Any suggestions on designs & plans? I’ve never actually built a box.

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