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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you come to my blog – and the blogs of other woodworkers – to get your daily fix of woodworking know-how.  Techniques, reviews and material selection are all featured in their full glory.

But, as bloggers, sometimes we post about personal stories that may be directly – or indirectly – related to woodworking. The shaving article I posted last week is a perfect example of something that isn’t necessarily a woodworking-related topic.

This week, I want to get your opinion about these slice-of-life kind of articles.  Do you think they are valuable, helping you get a better understanding of the mind of woodworkers, or do you just hate them?

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14 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Tom,
    I think it goes toward the development of a relationship to your readers. Outside of politics or religious views, I think people like to feel like they know the bloggers they read on a regular basis.

  2. I’ll also add.. it’s your blog, do what you want.

    OH and btw because of your shaving article i’m just about to order a safety razor, brush and soap. Haven’t shaved that way in about ten years, but just like hand tools sometimes it’s good to get back to basics.

  3. I think as long as there is more woodworking,or whatever is the main theme of the blog, than the peripheral stuff then it’s fine.
    If it turns into a personal diatribe or an excuse to bore people with your holiday photos then I will no longer follow said blog.

  4. I agree with Vic wholeheartedly! Our readers are human, and are not always really looking for woodworking content. In fact, sharing personal experiences outside of woodworking will show interests that are likely to catch the attention of many of your readers, too!

    It is YOUR blog… 🙂

  5. Yeah, what he said.

    I was going to say that it helps build a relationship with *a* woodworker and make a connection with *a* woodworker.

    As a woodworker with a full beard (since I retired from the military) I’m not so interested in how you shave, per se, but the listening to relate how *you* think about it was useful in building a relationship.

    I’m not sure that any of us is the personification of all of us, but the personal touches that show in blogs on occasion does go a long way, I think, toward turning you into a person and not just another news/information source.

  6. From the looks of the picture you posted that you need to stand a little closer to that new razor you just bought. ;0 lol

    The devil MADE me say that! 🙂


  7. A lot of what you say in your blogs is what we think anyway, so it makes us identify with you all the more.
    Your articles are well written and enjoyable to read.
    And oh yeah, I’m with Renzo. I’m ordering my new safety razor next week.
    Thanks Tom.

  8. I got interested and checked further. Think I’ll check out one of those shaving stores, specifically the one in Palm Springs, the Men’s Room. If anyone’s interested, I’ll report back. Let me know.

  9. I enjoy reading a little of the personality of the blogger. It does make you seem more human. As long as it does not become the focus of the blog I think it is a good thing.

  10. Hey Tom,

    I think as an artist, object maker, craftsman or whatever it is always important to give context whether it be directly or indirectly but the way in which we live our lives will always inform what we create. Therefore for the people on the outside engaging with what we do it can help with perspective and make people think about things in a way in which they may not have previously considered. So keep up the great work and of course blogging!

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