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St. John’s Abbey Woodworking

On Interstate 94 between St. Cloud and Fargo, you will find the small hamlet of Collegeville, Minnesota. This is the home of St. John’s Abbey, and the monks who live there turn out some of the most beautiful furniture from locally grown woods.

The men who live at the Abbey build exquisite furniture – from clocks and chairs to caskets and coffins.

Their woodworking tradition is based on Benedictine principles of spirituality, stability, and stewardship of the land. Local artisans—both monastic and lay —have been designing and crafting practical, durable, and beautiful furniture and architectural details for 150 years.  Definitely worth a look.

4 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Some really beautiful design and craftsmanship!! LOVE the bible display case!!! I wouldn’t use it for that, but HEY…I’m a heathen.

  2. True… but, as you said, it’s hard to deny the craftsmanship. The through mortises on the legs made it for me…

  3. Some beautiful craftsmanship.
    And locally grown materials, managed responsibly is nice to see too.
    Thanks Tom.

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