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Building on last week’s poll…

Imagine you have a board of red oak with nice straight grain that’s three feet long, seven inches wide and 3/4″ thick.

You have to rip a piece the full length that’s six inches wide from that board.

How would you make this cut?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I thought it might be a “veiled” saftey question so I gave you a safe answer.
    I would generally just push it through With Grr-Grippers. I save the tricky grain for the bandsaw and plane it to size.

  2. Straight grain red oak? Rive it with a chisel and mallet, then clean it up with a jointer plane (Other). Safer than the circular saw, much less work than a rip hand saw. I don’t have the room for a table saw, or sharks with frikken lasers.


  3. On a more serious note, I was surprized at the small number of radial arm saw votes. Up until a couple of years ago, the RAS would have been ny choice as I did not have a table saw then

  4. That’s a good point… My guess would have been about 30% for the RAS about 10 years ago. It’s surprising how quickly the RAS has fallen off…

  5. I admit to being a bit shocked that I am the only one who voted for a Beetle and Froe. Whack, whiggle, jointer plane snick snick, done. It probably was faster to do than it was to type this.

  6. Shannon, I’m surprised as well… I purposely put the whole ‘straight grained’ in there to see how many folks would use some type of splitting method… we’ve had a few…

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