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The Village Carpenter

There is a wide variety of woodworking styles out there. Some  focus on the latest and greatest developments in woodworking  technology.  Then, there are those  which embrace the older aspects of the craft, demonstrating the amount of sophistication and skill required by the woodworking masters of days long ago.

Kari Hultman, also known as the Village Carpenter, is one of those woodworkers who falls into the second camp.  She’s a talented carver, plane maker and – from what I understand – she can handle a a brace and bit like a champ. Her site is loaded with how-tos and explores the fine details of the craft. She has traveled to several historical sites and interviewed the interpreters demonstrating their techniques, showing how you can bring elements of these older forms of woodworking into your shop.

The best part is that Kari does it with a great sense of humor, making the topics more approachable and giving the reader a chuckle along the way.

8 thoughts on “Link of the Week”

  1. Nice link, Tom. Let’s hope everyone discovers Kari and the wonderful woodworking knowledge she shares.

    I’ll see you all at WIA.

  2. Kar’s work, style and reading voice are all top drawer.
    The Village Carpenter’s link is right next to Tom’s Workbench on my home page.
    Thanks to you both for making me a better wood worker.

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