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Woodworking is a hobby with lots of options.  Turning.  Veneering.  Cabinetry. Antique reproductions. Woodworking from different cultures.

Unfortunately, many woodworkers fall into a rut.  They build the same stuff over and over again because that’s what they are comfortable doing.

This week, take a look at your shop habits and let us know when the last time you tried a new woodworking techniques.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I try something new (to me anyway) as often as possable.
    I started with scroll sawing about 8 years ago and my latest project is a rocking chair that I thought that I would NEVER be able to do.
    I have worked the scrolling up to and including making bowls and vases and other 3-D items.
    The rocking chair has taken me almost a year to build but, I sure learned alot about wood working and using hand tools doing it!
    I also make alot of boxes and try new jointing and inlays as well. Also I have built several ceder and blanket chests along the way using new ways to build them. most of the time.


  2. Based in the answers provided, shouldn’t the question have been “How often was do you try a new wood working method?”

    My answer would have been “Last week”

  3. excellent point… cut me some slack, though. I wrote this before my first cup of coffee… 🙂

  4. I see a different technique and give it a try.
    The timing is irregular actually.
    Sometimes on a whim when I have an itching for a new toy…ahh new tool.
    That is how I started using pocket hole joinery for example, and now I use it pretty regularly.

    I am a sucker for those slick marketing guys, so when the new tool season comes each year my wife tries to hide the cookie jar…

    An example is your Blog.
    I saw Eagle America is a sponsor and when I went to their site, I started shopping.
    If they support good guys like you, then I’ll support them.
    Thanks Tom.

  5. Hey, Eric – sometimes we have to stretch our wings a little bit.

    I’ll pass the praise along to the folks at Eagle America… Thanks for reading!

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