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Earlier this week, I reported on the passing of woodworking jig genius Niki Avrahami. Since then, I have heard of the passing of another woodworking great – John Lucas.

John was an internet woodworking pioneer who established Woodshop Demos, a site rich with woodworking how-tos, tool reviews and wisdom.  John’s site stretches to nearly 4,000 pages, each loaded with at least one valuable nugget of information readers can apply in their shops immediately.

Fortunately, John left a legacy of his woodworking knowledge for others to benefit from. Take some time and review his site – you will be pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge and his home-spun charm.

3 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Hi Tom

    Have you heard what they will do with John’s site? It would be a shame to just close it down. He had a lot of good practical advise that would be useful to up and coming woodworkers.


  2. another loss how many years of craftmanship have loss in the pass 6 months. I have learned so much these masters.

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