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Woodworkers can find lots of knowledge about the craft by reading books, watching videos and browsing woodworking magazines.

However, when the goal is gaining wisdom, we often turn to other woodworkers for advice.  Believe me, I have asked question after question to anyone who with woodworking experience who would listen…

Later on, I noticed that woodworkers started asking me for advice.  Very strange.

This week, tell us if you have ever had the occasion to give woodworking advice… and if you took the opportunity.

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4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. When I am with other wood workers, I give advice at the same time as trying to drain them of knowledge. My favorite time is when I am with young folks where they soak up knowlege from all the wood workers. US older wood workers should all spend more time with the kids they are the future.
    with respect tom churchill

  2. i’m a beginner so i reluctantly give advise even if i know a good answer. i figure there will usually be a better way than i know.

  3. Yea, I give advice even if I don’t know the answer….Wo knows, it might work this time! Ha Ha Ha


  4. Can I grab some of A & B? Drop the “respected & knowledgeable” from A and stop before you get to “even if I really don’t know the answer” from B and I thnk I’ve found my wheelhouse

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