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The Haitian Art Company’s wood carving page

Based out of Key West, Florida, the Haitian Art Company was opened in 1977 and showcases the works from artists in Haiti. The owner Bruce Kravitz, deals directly with the artists in the island nation, buying their paintings, paper mache, metal work and wood carvings.

The Haitian Art Company has maintained close ties with many of Haiti’s best-known artists, and has been instrumental in supporting emerging talent.

Tragically, those ties are totally in question after this week’s catastrophic earthquake struck this impoverished island nation.

After viewing the gorgeous works and thinking about the terrible plight of those suffering through one of the worst tragedies seen in the western hemisphere, if you feel moved to make a donation, here are a few links to agencies you might want to consider:

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  1. I have some Haitian wood carvings from an estate of which I am the executor. It was probably purchased in the late 40’s or early 50’s, while he was on navy duty . I can’t find any artist names or initials on any of the pieces.

    Would you have any interest in viewing a picture of one of the pieces?


    James Strom

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