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There have been many advances in woodworking .  Today, the craft is more of a hobby than a back breaking avocation, with table saws, routers and other power tools making life in the shop easier.

One of the biggest advances in production woodworking shops has been the computer numerically controlled (CNC) router.  Information about the project pieces is entered into a computer, material is fed into the machine and the final pieces are ready in short order. The patterns are repeatable, so many duplicate projects can be produced.  For larger furniture and cabinet shops, CNC machines have been a great addition.

And as technology continues to advance, it won’t be long before manufacturers make smaller, more affordable CNC machines for the average home woodworker.

That begs the question: When CNC machines become more affordable, will you add one to your shop?

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  1. If I’m going to design a piece for production and there are pieces that can be handle well and more efficiently with a CNC, by all means, yes.

  2. I am currently in the middle of building a CNC kit from BuildYourCNC.com. It’s great fun, and I’m learning a lot. Should complete in about 2 weeks.

  3. I have a carvewright… and LOVE IT…..

    It is a compliment to my ww’ing, not a replacement… and does some things that I could NEVER do… and has actually improved some of my traditional ww’ing skills


  4. Am Opoku from Italy..i would love to get information on the cnc machines and how it wrks..and also the shipping expenses and the price of it..Hope to hear from ou soon..Thanks.

  5. I love my wood shop!! But in my life my other hobby was computers. CNC machines marry the two. I seam to always migrate to the CNC for all kinds of projects. It allows me to cut out difficult parts to furniture project and add decorations with 3d reliefs or v-carve bits. I love them so much I’m now selling them full time. Big or small we provide commercial quality machines at affordable prices. Check us out! http://www.cnc-warehouse.com

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