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Today is November 15…

That means the holidays are very close.  Maybe not as close as the kids (or the young at heart) would like, but we getting close to the ever dreaded shipping deadlines.  If your holiday gift giving list is as long as mine, well, you are going to have to plan in some time to get them all built!

So, in this week’s poll, what’s the current status of building your holiday gifts?  Are you done, or have you even started?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I’m nearly there. I got 3 Wood Whisperer style clocks, a salt box, pair of bookends & a bunch of bottle stoppers. All in progress but nearly done. Tho I’m in for an operation next week, so I have a reduced deadline!

  2. If cold weather does not come soon – I will be so behind. Never enter the wood shop unless its cold – but have many projects promised to different folks – sigh – me and my big mouth.

  3. Bought all the wood (5 exotic species) to build desk clocks. Finished milling and started cutting when my saw motor died. Now I have to wait for repair to be done. This is my first attempt at holiday gifts.

  4. Ive built elven schoolhouse clocks,one left,but these last two are for Christmas.Two step stools for our grand daughters presents.Now a couple of cutting boards and Im done for 2009.

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