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Build your own end-grain cutting board

Thanksgiving is coming here in the United States, and the rest of the holiday season is following quickly behind.  And, we all know what that means…

Family feasts!

If you want to help guarantee your feast is one to remember, you have to make sure that the cook has all the right tools at his or her her disposal.  One of the most essential is a solid cutting board for all the chopping, mincing and dicing that goes into the food prep.

The Wood Whisperer himself, Marc Spagnuolo, has an excellent plan for making a classic end-grain butcher block cutting board, complete with an instructional video.  From wood selection all the way to final finishing, Marc shows the way to building a stylish and useful tool for the family chef.

Who knows… if you build one, you may have earned an extra slice of the roast beast.

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