We’re going bananas!

For all of you Wood Magazine subscribers (and those who may like to get the occasional copy at  the news stand), the Shop Monkey returns!

October 2009 Wood Magazine CoverYes, the editors of  Wood must be gluttons for punishment, because they had me back again for a new edition.

Be sure to check out page 16 of the December 2009/January 2010 edition (can you believe that we are now writing the numerals 2010?) .  There, I have a what I hope you consider an interesting discussion about the level of precision required in woodworking.  It’s named, appropriately enough, Precisely how Precise?

If you want to read even more Shop Monkey input, why not check out my blog over at the newly-revamped Wood Magazine forum website?  The new forum software makes it easier than ever to navigate the content and read the input from your favorite bloggers.

Yes, you can even read my content if you have nothing better to do…

The current schedule for the Shop Monkey right now is that the columns will appear in every other edition (the next one is scheduled to appear in the spring).

Now, no more monkey business… back into the shop!

3 thoughts on “We’re going bananas!”

  1. Great article, Tom! You express my views exactly. This is an ongoing point of friendly disagreement between myself and Bob H. who sits over the cube wall. So I will be sure to use your column as fodder to harass and annoy him.

    I always figure that I’ll get everything as precise, square, and level as is possible with my limited skills. But once my project leaves the shop, it goes into the house where it’s sitting on a floor that’s slightly out of level, against a wall that’s slightly bowed out, and expanding/contracting in a slightly different air conditioned environment. All of that adds up to way more than any thousandths of an inch that I can dial in on my tools.

    Also, life is too short. Also, I like to adopt a contrary point of view to harass Bob.

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