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Unfinished kitchen cabinetsThere’s something to be said for momentum when you are working on woodworking projects.  For some projects, you can go from the first milling operation to totally done in a day.  For other projects, it may take longer because they are more involved.

And, then, there are those projects that linger.  You know the ones I’m talking about – “Oh, I have to make the drawers and doors, but, hey, the weather is beautiful and I need those special pieces of hardware…”

Before you know it, that bathroom vanity without the doors has become a long-standing family joke with your unfinished project at the punch line.

So, how long has it taken you to complete your longest-delayed project?  It’s OK, we won’t laugh at you!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Vanity?? What vanity?? Hey, give me a little time! I’v only been in this house for 6-1/2 years!

  2. I need some more time to figure out the joinery on the bed tables. After all it has only been three years. Anyway, Larry has taken longer!!

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