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An (Addictive) Woodworkers’ Game

The Eyeballing GameSo, do you think you have a set of high quality calibrated eyeballs?  Can you bisect an angle on sight or put your finger on the exact middle of a circle without measuring?

If so, have we got a challenge for you. has posted a simple yet maddening woodworker’s game on their site.  In this game, you will do three rounds of ‘eyeball’ measurements… how to make a parallelogram, how to find the center of a circle, how to find the midpoint of a line segment and other tasks.  Once you make your selection, the computer will calculate how far off from true you are.

So far, after *ahem* a ‘few’ rounds of play, my best score was 5.5 units… not bad, but not good enough to trust when doing a project installation.

I will give one word of warning… this game is addictive.  Set your computer alarm for a few hours from when you start so you don’t continue playing well past your bedtime!

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  1. Cool game, I got a 5.92 the first time, I guess I’ll have to play it some more. I messed up a couple of the problems before I knew what they wanted me to do.

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