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The Artisans’ Program

On the tough streets of Washington, DC, many young men and women believe they have very few choices available to them.  Poverty and violence are widespread, and a life of drug dealing and crime is often seen as the only way to success.

However, there are organizations staffed with volunteers who are working hard to show that there is a better way.  One of these organizations is the Covenant House.  In addition to providing shelter, food, drug counseling and other services to these at-risk kids, they put a major emphasis on vocational training – including woodworking.

The Artisans’ Workshop is a woodworking program run through Covenant House.  Troubled kids who show the dedication to learning and are serious about staying out of trouble can enter this program and learn the necessary skills to build projects.

This isn’t merely some program to keep these kids occupied.  It’s an intensive course which teaches these budding craftsmen valuable vocational skills and offers job placement assistance.  Their success stories are impressive, with graduates going to land positions with home builders and other finish carpentry companies.

The students help fund the program through the sale of items they build.  The projects are impressive, with tight joinery and an outstanding choice of hardwoods.

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