Woodworking to the extreme

It has happened again… and I couldn’t be happier!

A cribbage board built at the Palmer Base wood shopLee Valley tools has published another one of my articles.  This time, I interviewed Frank Howell with the Raytheon Polar Services Company (and a talented hobby woodworker) who told me about the exciting woodworking taking place in Antarcica.

Believe it or not, woodworking thrives on the desolate frozen continent.  It turns out that all three of the American Antarctic bases has a woodworking shop, and the hobby woodworkers who are stationed there have the opportunity to use the tools to keep themselves busy during their down time.

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One thought on “Woodworking to the extreme”

  1. Tom, Congratulations on the publication! What a great article, I thought that New England was cold, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Frank, good luck with your woodworking, I am impressed! I found the unique dangers to your location very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

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