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The plans have been drawn up.  The tools have been sharpened.  The shop has been prepped.

The only thing you need to do is buy wood to build that special project.

Now, where will you get the wood from?

In years past, there was little choice – all lumber was bought locally at a hardwood supplier, construction yard or at a local sawmill.

Today, the Internet offers a tremendous variety of sources to choose from.  Whether you look at an online auction such as eBay or find an online provider, your purchasing options are seemingly limitless.

So, this week, I want to know if you have ever taken the plunge and bought your lumber online.

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6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Tom Et. All:
    Yes I have ordered Wood online with great results. I have also used the internet to locate and purchase hardware and items (decals, clock parts etc.) for special projects.

    I could never find those supplies locally and online makes it so easy. Even in flyover country where I live. (Idaho)


  2. Tom, I purchase a lot of my hardwood lumber through on-line sources–Woodworking Forums, Craig’s List, other woodworkers and sawmill websites. But, I also still buy locally from hardwood suppliers, also. I’ve had good luck with all sources.


  3. Can you say….


    Up towards western Maryland is a Mennonite sawmill that sells some of the most beautiful kiln dried hardwood around. It’s about 2 hrs away from me, but it’s worth the drive. Everything from pine to curly maple. It’s quite a place!!

  4. Living in Idaho – at least where I am at – I do not have the
    resources to acquire lumber of special species. For those I do shop on line but am limited because of the expensive shipping.

  5. I’ve bought a few items on line, mostly imported varieties I can’t get anywhere locally. Otherwise I get it from the local sawyer or the BORG (Menard’s). Menard’s usually has some good woods if you watch what you are buying, altho expensive, but it’s an hour or so to the sawyer so I have to balance mileage/time versus higher prices.

  6. Hi Tom…….Preferr to pick my own, but for some species you have no choice. Lignam Vitae comes to mind……just this past December, a telephone call and of course a minimum order later, I had it.

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