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Southern Pine Council

Typical southern yellow pineMention the word pine to some folks, and they will think of the soft, creamy white wood harvested in the northern reaches of North America and Europe.  However, here in Florida and other southern locations in the United States, tall southern pine trees dominate, and their wood is really something special.

Southern yellow pine is the hardest softwood, has incredible strength and, where plentiful, is a very inexpensive wood to work with.  In fact, Chris Schwarz of Popular Woodworking is a huge advocate of southern yellow pine as a workbench material – even going as far as to build his classic Roubo reproduction workbenches out of the stuff.

If you just can’t mosey down to the local home improvement center to find boards, the Southern Pine Council will help you locate the material you need to build your next project.

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  1. Tom,

    I live in San Diego and have been trying to find this Yellow Southern Pine for months. I guess this is just an east coast/Southern wood that is not available in the west. Anyone who can direct me to a source would be appricated.


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