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big project in my shopWhile building my new bench, the thought hit me that building large projects are a big pain in the butt.  I would start to work on an assembly, then have to find someplace to store it while I worked on another.  And, then, putting these assemblies together into a more complete project… oy!  No matter where I turned, I was eventually tripping over pieces and parts and I was having some trouble keeping track of all the parts I was working on.

As big as the bench is, it was not my biggest project.  In fact, right now I’m working on a desk system for my son’s room that consists of two huge drawer and bookshelf assemblies flanking a desk suspended across the middle.  That’s a back breaker.

So, this week, I want to know what the biggest project is that you have ever built.  Sure, I don’t have specific measurement categories, but these common items should give you a reference to work with.

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  1. A 24×26 garage, with a 12×26 workshop upstairs, with passive solar heating through 9 south-facing windows for the workshop. Alas, I was transferred out of state and had to sell the garage and the property :<(

    BUT, I still have my first hardwood largest project. It’s a mahogany rocking horse I made for my niece’s first Christmas… 48″ rockers, 30″ tall….I think my Great Nephew will be riding it next Christmas!!!!!


  2. Computor desk..48″ wide x 27″ deep x 72″ tall.
    Must be dismantled to move it if it is ever nessary.


  3. 17 years ago my Father and I built all the fixtures and fittings for my Optical Practice in about 2 weeks flat.
    Since then my largest project has been the rolling garden cupboard I started last year, which has been put on hold while the prep work for my workshop has been under way

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