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NORAD Tracks Santa

For many of my formative years, I had trouble with bedtime on Christmas Eve.  I mean, the big guy with the beard and the sleigh was coming to my house.  How on Earth was I going to sleep?

My parents would say they knew where Santa was, and that he would be at my house ‘soon’, so I had better get to bed.  But, come on, they couldn’t really know EXACTLY where Jolly Old St. Nick was at any given time.  So, they were reduced to an educated guess when they told me it was time to hit the hay.

My kids have it so much better now.  They can turn to the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) for up-to-the-second satellite and radar fixes.

Just why did this military agency directed to give maximum warning for nuclear attack start tracking Father Christmas?  Well, it all started in 1955, when a Sears store in Colorado misprinted a phone number in a holiday ad, which led to people calling NORAD’s predecessor organization the Aerospace Defense Command (CONAD).  Since then, hey, who ELSE has the technology to track Santa on his annual present delivery circuit?

Last year, my two sons and I called the operations center at (877) HI-SANTA (try it, seriously) and we were able to speak to a technician who gave us the latest location update and Santa’s ETA for our home.  Overseas callers should call the United States at (719) 556-5211, although costs may be incurred.

It’s not just for kids.  After all, I’m still a kid at heart, but my toys are now replaced with a wish list of tools!

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