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Schnieder from One Day at a TimeNo matter where you look, it seems as if every woodworking catalog or store carries a wide selection of tool belts.  Some are rather simple affairs, with just a few pouches that connect to your regular belt and offer a small amount of convenience, while others are full-blown carpenters’ rigs that could  keep you working on a roof all day.

Many woodworkers that I have run into don’t use a toolbelt.  But, that Norm Abram guy who works on that long-running TV show wears one every time he’s in the shop.  Some people see them as essential, while others believe they make them look like Dwayne Schneider – the ultra-creepy yet loveable maintenance man from the 1970’s sit com One Day at a Time.

So, where do you fall on this issue?  Are toolbelts essential shop equipment, or would you only put one on if you were roped into framing out a new room by a do-it-yourself neighbor?

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Actually, I wanted to vote for #6 and #7. On the other hand, if I did wear one, I probably would spend more time woodworking than looking for my tape measure!

  2. I used to wear toolbelt for some 37 yrs. I used to frame and trim new construction.
    But now i got lazy, got very bad habits now!!!!

  3. I do sometimes wear a shop apron that has some pockets, but it seems that no matter what I need in the shop, its never where I need it at the time. Also in a small shop like mine, there’s rarely enough room for me to move around. If I wore a tool belt, I’d constantly be snagging on something-or-another.

  4. I’ll wear one for construction type projects like a deck or shed but not in the shop.

    Most of my time was wasted in searching for a pencil or tape measure. Now just about every flat surface in my shop has at least one pencil and tape on it now. I only use one tape that I “trust” for final measurements, the others I use are just for rough cuts. Office supply stores sell a package of 20 pencils real cheap.

  5. Right now, my only tool belt is the one I use for construction. I really need to find a lighter weight belt for the shop. I’m not fond of wearing an apron (unless it’s lavender pleather:D)

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