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Legozilla’s New Yankee Workshop

It’s amazing what people can do with Legos.  Those interlockable pastic building blocks can create some amazing works of art… just like this one.

'Norm' at the latheA person identified as Legozilla has created  – in Legos – a complete replica of the New Yankee Workshop.  Complete with a little whiskered Norm Abram.

From his signature plaid shirts to his workbench, this miniature goes into great detail and – as accurately as can be accomplished – depicts the shop, right down to the approximate location of the tools.

It’s not only the shop itself that is represented.  Legozilla also offers some shots of ‘Norm’ standing proudly in front of one of his completed projects – a roll top desk.

This is an amazing display to see – it’s worth a visit to the site.

Oh, before you ask, this was a customized piece built by the user.  There are (currently) no plans to offer Lego setups for sale to the public.


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