Stuff I’ve built: Pagoda Box

May 2007

I built this box from a plan that was in the May 2007 Wood Magazine. What caught my attention was the graceful lines and the opportunity to use some highly figured woods in a showcase piece.

The box body is made of a scrap of mahogany that was lying around, an the lid was made out of a very showy piece of quartersawn sycamore. The handle is made of a few pieces of ebony.

I used the table saw to bevel the sides of the piece so they rise from the base up to the top of the box. Instead of using the bandsaw and spindle sander to shape the lid as the plans specified, I found it was easier to use a rasp and sandpaper.

I sanded the piece down to 320 grit and finished it with a 1# cut of shellac, sanded smooth, then three coats of natural Watco danish oil.

2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve built: Pagoda Box”

  1. Tom,

    I’ve built many of these now. I started giving them as gifs to family and that hase turned into several more which led to several more. I have done a couple different wood variations, but here is the one I like best. Quilted maple box with Bubinga for the lid, and wenge for the handle. Here is the LJ link.


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