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Wood Magazine’s Dovetail Showdown

Wood Magazine's Dovetail ShowdownWe’ve all head the boasting on both sides …

“I can hand cut a dresser’s worth of dovetails by the time you finish reading that jig’s manual.”

“Hand cutting dovetails is slower than molasses running uphill on a cold winter’s day.”

That’s why I love the head-to-head competition set up by Wood Magazine. Design Editor Jeff Mertz claimed he could hand-cut through-dovetail joints faster than someone using a dovetail jig and router. Watch as Jeff, armed with chisel set and fine-tooth saw, takes on challenger Pat Lowry with his router and jig.

Watch this video and discover who comes out on top!

6 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Great post Tom!

    That’s why a blended shop is the best way to go. Create heirloom quality when desired and go production when required.

  2. Good Lord, Tom! I just read my post from yesterday. Feel free to edit me if I start sounding like a Hallmark card.

  3. Hey, Vic, it’s all good!

    Now, there’s an idea – Hallmark cards for woodworkers… I see a new career for you!

  4. I think if I could get Hallmark to let me loose for even one day. They’d fire me the next for lewd and lascivious conduct. But if some of those card could get out, it would’ve been worth it:D

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