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James Krenov Direct

James KrenovMention James Krenov’s name to most woodworkers, and visions of flawless cabinets perched atop graceful long-legged stands comes to mind.  This is the official site of this well known legendary cabinet and furniture maker.

Krenov’s philosophy comes through strongly in his pieces.  His emphasis on hand-work, proper proportion and letting the wood’s natural beauty shine through speak to his appreciation of the natural side of woodworking.

Krenov spelled out his thoughts on woodworking in his books A Cabinetmaker’s Notebook and The Impractical Cabinetmaker.  Some of his viewpoints may come across as rather blunt, but there is no doubt that his method yields outstanding results.

Krenov ‘retired’ from professional woodworking back in 2002, but still builds recreationally in his private shop.  There’s a link on his site showing what he’s building right now.

2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Maybe it will be considered heresy, but what I have seen of his work leaves me feeling it is more form than function, and not something most of us would be able to use as a piece of furniture without it looking out of place. The pieces are beautiful and the craftsmanship superb, but most of us don’t live in a minimalist type decor that might give the piece the room it needs to really shine. In my house it would have a plant on top, and something under it in all that unused space. But that’s just my take…

  2. Mike –

    It’s not heresy at all. Krenov has his style… some like it, others don’t. The same can be said for Shaker, Arts and Crafts, Colonial, Scandinavian, Japanese…

    To each his or her own!

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