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  1. In my opinion, the most dangerous tool is the one I am using at the present time.

  2. I voted the table saw, I truly beleave that it can bite you the worst of any tool in my shop. That being said the most serious injuries that I have reseaved were with sanders a disk and a belt sander.

  3. Although I voted for the tablesaw, most of the 9 or less digit woodworkers I know, lost their parts on the shaper. I voted the tablesaw mostly due to the frequency of use and the complacency that comes with

  4. I voted for other, because I truly believe the most dangerous thing in the shop is the operator of the machinery. Yes ocaissionally(sp?) something goes bang in the works and someone gets hurt, but usually it is because of tiredness, intoxication,just plain doing an operation that is dangerous to save time, or not checking the set up after the last use.

    Good poll as usual Tom

  5. I’m going with the vote of other, because the tool you are using at the time or the most is the one that is the most dangerous to you at the time. The ones you feel the safest with is the one that will get you.

  6. I voted “router” because sofar (knock on wood) it is the only thing that as bit me and left a mark. Got the ring finger on my right hand. Just some blood, a bit of meat and some fingernail. A small part and inattention!

  7. Radial Arm Saw…….

    Hold your left thumb still while your right hand pulls the blade across the thumb! Ouch…..

  8. I marked table saw because it is the most used power tool in most shops.

    You must be careful with ALL the tools in a woodworking shop. They all have “Teeth” that can bite you!

  9. My next door neighbor… 🙂 barging in the shop unexpectedly, despite the sign that says otherwise.

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