A woodworking funny…

A chimpanzee walked into a bar, jumped up on a stool and ordered a beer.

“You’re a talking chimp!” the bartender exclaimed.

“Right,” the chimp replied, “I’m working in construction across the street for a week, then I’m laid off, now where is my beer?”

Each day the chimp came in for a beer, and he was getting more and more depressed about being laid off. Meanwhile a circus came to town, the bartender mentioned the talking chimp to the owner.

” I’ve got great news, you can get a job with the circus.” he informed the chimp.

” This circus, it’s in a big canvas tent?” the chimp inquired.

” Well yes,” replied the bartender.

” Wonder what they need a finishing carpenter for?” mused the chimp.

Courtesy of Robinson’s Woodcrafts

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