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  1. I have a little 6×8 room in the back of our house. It was part of an add-on about 30 years ago I think, and seems to have been a kind of utility room or maybe a cooking room (in Malaysia, the cooking is often done in an open-air room away from the main part of the house).

  2. While the next owner of my house will think my workshop is a bedroom, I had the room addition built with the workshop in mind. Lots of natural light, a door that can be closed to separate if from the rest of the house, and no air return ductwork. It’s warm in the winter, and has A/C in the summer–just the way it’s supposed to be. And, it’s just 10 ft away from the patio for those things that I want to do outside.

  3. I have a “cottage” up is an efficency apartment and down is the shop. There is also an out building for my planer, stroke sander and some storage. Rent the cottage out to cover electric bill.

  4. About 25 years ago We added a shop/garage to the back of our one car garage. The purpose at the time was a shop for my racing Go-Karts. I have sence quit racing and started to make saw dust so now it is my wood working shop. Heat, air conditioning, an over head door and 3 windows.

  5. I have an old (Not that old about 15 years) tin weaning stables for thoroghbreds. Ripped out the stalls put in Power and started making bigger and biggerer messes.


  6. Although my stand alone workshop isn’t built yet, the site is chosen, planning permision needs have been met and the design fully worked out. Just waiting for my builders to fell a couple of Leylandi and lay the slab so I can get started.

  7. Currently, my workshop is a Workmate in my front yard with the back of my Jeep Grand Cherokee serving as tool storage. However, I’ll be moving in the next couple of months and I should be living large then…I’ll have a similar setup in the BACK yard and have a gazebo-type tent for shelter from the rain!


  8. Answer: most of the above.
    In my basement, I have a bench room where my workbench lives along with all my hand tools. This is also where glue-ups take place.
    In a out-building, my machine shop (a shed attached to my bench room), all my power tools are set up.
    In a separate out-building which in a previous life was a play-house, I air-dry green wood.
    In the garage, I air-dry wood that’s been stored outside for a while.
    In my bedroom, I store dry veneers and showy hand tools.
    And of course my dream shop is in my head.

  9. My shop is out on the 7’x16′ deck of my 3rd floor apartment. I’m fortunate to have a large deck and an a 3′ deep closet on the end with a quality sealing door to store my portable tools in. The neighbors probably don’t love me (especially when I use my router table (mounting in the table saw wing), but I try to be as courteous as possible:)

    Can’t wait until I get a house with a garage!

    Dallas, TX

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