So, anyone up for a rousing discussion about Thermodynamics?

Hmmm, I figured not. After all, this is a woodworking blog, and the only times we really like to be concerned about temperature are if we leave wadded up oily rags in a corner, the comfort level of our shops or how toasty we can make the marshmallows we are roasting over a scrap-fed fire to make some S’Mores


Instead, let’s take a look at another definition – A lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. And, it’s one of those constants in a shop that needs to be battled on an almost daily basis, otherwise it has the power to overwhelm you and make your next shop visit that much more challenging.

Take my shop for example. It’s a standard two-car garage in a Florida house. However, because it is a multi-purpose room, it’s difficult – if nigh on impossible – to prevent the regular creep of entropy into it. Now, many times a week, Rhonda, the boys and I all head to the laundry equipment out in the shop to keep our clothes nice and clean. Of course, once done with the equipment, it’s not easy to put everything back where it started…

Laundry mess

The same thing goes for the cooler. Sure, it’s easy to go GET the cooler to stock full of cold beverages, but once its job is done, it could spend weeks here…

Hey, that's not cool

And, you know, we all use the bike, but after a long ride on some of the local trails, it’s just not easy to find someplace out of the way to put the bike…

The bike is now a clothesline

Gotta empty out the back of the Jeep Compass and not sure where to put the reusable shopping bags? Hey, how about behind the table saw?

Don't leave them alone in pairs

It’s not like I am going to whack on the rest of the family and not take swipes at myself. I mean, yeah, perhaps I should have removed the router bit I last used about three weeks ago – and maybe I should probably take the time to clean up the dust I made.

Router table

Oh, and yeah, it might be time to close the lid on my toolbox…

Close that lid!  close that lid!

And, how could I have let this area get all cluttered up with a strip of plywood from the bed project I am holding onto ‘just in case’ – and the miter saw station could use a big time clean up.

The miter mess

So, I guess it’s time for me to restate my old rule and break it out of mothballs. From now on, I do solemnly pledge/affirm that every time I go into the shop, I will put five things away. It may not seem like a lot, but before you know it, I bet the shop will be back into fighting shape.

At least I hope!

2 thoughts on “Entropy”

  1. Always a good rule to follow.
    I try to stay on top of the stuff in my shop, but man you are right. It can get away from you before you know it.
    Good post Tom.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Good luck on restating your old rule man! I laso set a “clean as you go” rule for myself so things don’t stack up. It’s good to work on an organized looking environment right?

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