The space between

So, I’m done with the front entertainment center. And, my bench is clear, with no project on it.

Making it the perfect time to tend to some important shop maintenance. One of those tasks is to tend to a little sharpening. My bench chisels have been taking a lot of abuse lately, and while they have worked well, it’s time for me to show them a little bit of love.

The bench is ready to workFirst step was to break out the Tormek to put a new edge on those suckers. I took the time to fill the water bath with water and a capful of Bora’s HoneRight Gold, which helps prevent rust from forming on the tool and the sharpener. While it may not be absolutely necessary, I need every advantage I can get in my humid shop.

Water additiveAfter jigging up the smaller chisels and doing them in ascending size order, I got to my one inch chisel and noticed this crap…  What?

Glue rust? Dang, I have got to do better than thisApparently, I had left a glob of glue on the edge of my chisel, and it created a rust spot on the top. Dangit.

Fortunately, my Hirsch chisels are made of pretty tough stuff, and I was able to tackle the rust on the blade.

Rust restorerI put a little dab of the rust restorer on the stain and rubbed it gently with some 600 grit wet/dry paper. I wasn’t looking to impart a satin sheen on the chisel – just use enough abrasive to get the glue, rust and crud off of the tool.

Back into fighting shapeJust a little bit of elbow grease was required, and the results were very nice.

After each of the blades got a good sharpening and honing, I wanted to test just how sharp each of the edges was. After all, if I wasn’t getting a sharp edge, I was just wasting my time. Being of Italian decent, I am not lacking in a way to test the sharp edge…

Good monkeyI wonder how long it will take for that arm hair to grow back?

Satisfied with the edge, I put the chisels back into my tool chest, and I started planning for my next build… what will it be? I’m not even sure!


One thought on “The space between”

  1. Do they sell that Bora Restore Rust Removal Gel by the gallon bucket?
    Every time I turn around out there, I have some rust popping up…lol

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