Stuff I’ve built: The front entertainment credenza

OK, let me think here for a minute… I bought the plywood to build this thing on a rainy, slightly exhausted New Years Day at the local home improvement center. And, last night, I finished up the last details on the new front entertainment center. So, I have been moving slowly, haven’t I?

The front entertainment center. in its glory.Well, anyway, here are the results. I’m pretty happy… It’s a very atmospheric shot, no?

As you have seen in the previous posts, This piece was build from three separate cabinets enclosed by plywood sliding doors. Here’s the piece with the doors open.

Open seasmie The sliding doors are just the best. They open wide, and don’t take up a lot of room in front of the piece, which means we can maximize the area in our living room. The new TV looks great up on top of the unit, and I have even stashed the stereo and Blu-Ray player on the top of the unit, so the doors won’t ever need to be open to use the equipment.

Underneath, the piece can store a ton of DVDs, board games, our older laptops that we still sometimes pull out, my wife’s watercolor supplies… and there is still plenty of room left over.

Cables clippedI also took the opportunity to go into the electrical department and grab some wire ties and cable clips to help manage the inevitable spaghetti farm that grows wherever electronics dwell.

The top worked out pretty well with the flooring attached to the piece. Not sure I would ever do that again, but I can tell you it came out looking pretty darned good.

The top trimmed outWith everything pretty much in its place, I can FINALLY cross that project off my to-do list.

Now, what to start on next?

2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve built: The front entertainment credenza”

  1. Nice job Tom. I really like the antique block plane on the right. It give the “woodworker lives here” feel to the room.

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