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Apollo Guitars

One of the things Canada is known for is its beautiful timber from the boundless forests found across the country. Surrounded by all of that prime lumber, you knew someone was going to be building sweet guitars.

A beautiful model made by Apollo Guitars

Enter John Kingma from Apollo Guitars. In his modest 625 square foot shop, he crafts custom solid body guitars from many species you wouldn’t expect to see used for bodies – things like Kauri and Pine. While each guitar starts from a general sketch, the bodies, necks and other wooden parts are crafted by hand, and his finishes are as close to natural as possible. And, John makes no bones about it – his guitars are not showpieces to be viewed – they are designed to be played… hard…

Most of his orders are commissions, but he does have one guitar for sale right now – a beautiful hackberry and ambrosia maple beauty that he built for himself, but hasn’t found the time to play it. It’s the one featured in the photo in this post… just in case you knew someone who was interested.

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