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Sears’ Essential Woodworking Tools

There was once a time when Craftsman tools – the line carried by Sears – was the gold standard in workshops. As the years passed, some of the brand’s luster was allowed to wear off. However, recently the brand has made huge steps to improve its offerings, and now they are working to improve their education as well.

CraftsmanSears recently asked nearly 40 woodworkers from many different disciplines (they also asked me) about the most important tools they have in their arsenals. The results are on this interactive page, which can provide a little guidance on which tools might be the best place to start.


4 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Craftsman was my first choice as I started my woodworking venture many years ago. The biggest draw was the price and availability. Seemed to be innovative with their products. Still today I would still consider Craftsman. Besides I still use my Shopsmith.

  2. The Experts I think made poor choices of hand tool brands & not a great selection quality power tool brands, oh it’s Sears. Sold to every day wood butcher best choice from where ever Sears can buy it cheapest (to Sears specs!) & sell to wood workers that don’t over use the tool on professional projects.
    I know I wore out many Sears tools building for the Sears in house TV productions.
    Where we could only use Sears products in the build.

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