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OK, so you are a woodworker, and you want to be totally surrounded by wood. Your furniture is wood. Your walls are paneled in wood. Your car has real wood trim.

But, what about your bike?

The Sandwichbike

Well, there’s a European company called Sandwichbike, and they are making some sweet bikes out of birch plywood. The name comes from the fact that you build the bike out of assembled wooden plates that overlay each other like sandwich components. The bike arrives in a box, and it can be assembled in 45 minutes using an included wrench and fasteners.

Right now, they are pretty expensive at €799 (about $1,100), but as production takes off, the cost should come down. Until then, it’s a pretty interesting design…


2 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Why not?
    I bet a homemade wooden bike would get a few looks around town !
    Thanks Tom. Now you are going to have me watching for a discarded bike to disassemble and tinker around with to produce my version…. lol

  2. Pianos and bicycles.
    Yamaha has actually been around since 1887 (they started out building reed organs, with the first pianos appearing around 1900) and Kawai since 1927. Torakusu Yamaha, the founder of Yamaha, and Koichi Kawai, founder of Kawai, actually worked together to build Japan’s first pianos. The story goes that Yamaha, a watchmaker and mechanical engineer, was impressed when he saw a 12-year-old boy riding a wooden bicycle he had built himself, and hired him to help build Japan’s first upright pianos. That 12-year-old happened to be Koichi Kawai. Kawai remained with Yamaha until 1927 and then left to start his own company.

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