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The Crazy Canadian Woodworker

It is with much sadness that I discovered that Paul Moore, known as the Crazy Canadian Woodworker, passed away on December 28.

Paul Moore doing his Crazy Canadian videos

Paul was definitely a showman, playing up his North of the Border schtick while imparting some awesome woodworking know how on the Woodworking Show tour and on his YouTube videos. Not only a knowledgeable woodworker, he helped develop a number of innovative tools for work on the band saw.

Bowl cut out

Last spring, I watched him cut one of his famous Ditchwood Bowls using his round ripper jig. It was so elegantly simple, and produced such great results.

While Paul’s passing is a major loss to woodworking, his skill – and humor – will prove invaluable for woodworkers for years to come.


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  1. Roger – Paul didn’t have a blog of his own. That site was his ‘home base’. In the article, I have a link to his YouTube channel…

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